Talk of being professional

lets try to share some professional life experiences over here……..infact, i got hell lot of ’em 🙂

and my only question has always been that why can’t people be more professional in the ethical sense I mean…?proff

Hiya! Came across this picture below and I believe it’s very true. Since the times I started out working, I had only one thing in mind: have fun at work! And it’s become soooooo much engraved in my mind that I just can’t afford to work or do a job that is not upto my liking, or that has a very weird work environment that I am unable to adjust …you know there are some organizations that have such environments where you just have to adjust in to the uncanny place or the seating arrangements are such that you just can’t have fun or enjoy doing your work because of the constant on-the-head managers as it hurts your progress because you are aware that you are under constant watch……eeekhhhh…ok ok I don’t mean it should be a very relaxing place, but still, if the necessity is not there at all then it shouldn’t really be like that, esp., if you are able to achieve work targets doing it in a routine way. Moreover, productivity suffers too. You become unnecessarily tensed or stressed out because of these pressures that have no concrete meaning!

Anyways, back to the picture I found. I firmly believe it, and I usually quit the jobs that stop being fun. Period.