Proud Pakistani

how come other countries in similar or comparatively pathetic conditions aren’t so as popular in being a third class one as is ours? We usually wonder what could be the problem? Well the root cause that I could come up with is that it’s because of us – yes, our own attitudes toward a thing matter alot…after all if we are not talking good about ourself then how can others find us good enough?? wink!

a simple example will help explain it: rickshaws, ya our treasured vehicle that is unique in it’s own sense! But how many times of the day do we curse it? (I hated it like anything when I first encountered it after coming to live in my homeland) We fail to realise how much importance it has in our daily life…going to school, office, hospital, university… times of calamities like bus strikes, or traffic jams that are hard to conquer with the big cars, this tiny but composed wonder will take you out of that jungle of cars via some tiny routes!

in Thailand, there is a three-wheeled taxi (like our rickshaws, wow!) that they use as a daily means of transportation within the town and they feel proud of it. So come up guys and appreciate and praise your country’s treasures too! Let the world know what you got to show!

let me know what other wonders of Pakistan that you feel proud of and are telling about it to the outsiders?

p.s: the new cng rickshaws are just amazing, noise-free, smoke-free, pollution-free! and very very comfortable, travel like a royalty 😉

4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw


Following Sunnah

here we can share the life’s little doings that occur from us on a daily basis…what I did today’ is basically about what I did today to add to my practice of implementing Islamic teachings in some way or any way that we might have! So let’s share it here, I am sure we all have something to add over here…good luck!

I will add to it by stating that I read some verses of Quran today in the morning before getting busy in my daily work routine, alhamdulilah.