Feeling bitter?

take out all the grudge here, yup, this is the free forum where you can talk about any thing that has been a long botheration now, but at the same time, I suggest we find a clue to it too. In case we don’t know how to get it resolved, maybe some of our friends here can help? baby

lemme start by one i came across early this morn, the kids on the street were playing cricket on a ramadan sunday…:S and i was trying to get some sleep at that time…what’s with the parents not telling their young ones to play near their own homes? clever enough to send the kids away from home and bother the neighbors!


2 Responses to “Feeling bitter?”

  1. Radrulz Says:

    nusssie baby,
    thats a common story both in and out of ramzan. I spend my time locating each of these nuisence kids houses, grabbing them, n talking to their Oh-So-Busy ammas!

  2. nusr Says:

    ya nice way of ‘spending your time’! wish i had that much time to spare and run after each of the kids mums 😉

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